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Palladium Legends of New York
Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa
San Juan Puerto Rico - July 28, 2000

These photographs and MPG movies were taken on July 28, 2000 at the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa held at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan Puerto Rico. There are links to more photographs of each dance group, both of the bands, social dancers, behind-the-sceens action, and people in attendance at the bottom of this page.

A total of twelve dance groups from as far as Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Portugal, Italy, England, as well as Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York performed on this night. The music was provided by Roberto Roena and orquestra. The Master of Cerimonies was Albert Torres and Woman. Discjockys Henry Knowles and special guest DJ Georgie Melendez of Puerto Rico.

Photographs by J. Fernando Lamadrid. Copyright 2000 and All Rights Reserved by wwww.JustSalsa.com. Your feedback is welcome.

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15511 15512 15513 15514
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15515 15516 15517 15518
15519 15520 15521 15522
15519 15520 15521 15522
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15523 15524 15525 15526
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15527 15528 15529
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