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Find places to go see live Salsa music, and go Salsa dancing in New York City. This page has links to information on NYC area Salsa and also photographs including:
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Salsa Dance Steps
See the Basic Salsa dance steps in diagram and consise written language. New York Salsa on "2" Eddie Torres-Style and Razz M' Tazz, as well as the JustSalsa on "2" basic dance step is detailed. Also you will find Cuban-style and Los Angeles-style on "1" Salsa dance steps in an easy to understand way.
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Latin Clubs is a new web page on with venue information including, Name, Address, Telephone Number and Cross Streets of New York Clubs and Venues that hold Latin and Salsa Music, Dance, and Cultural Events. To check-it-out "Click Here"

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See movies of Palladium Legends - Freddie Rios & Mike Ramos dancing. "Click" here to see a preview of dance groups including: Cultural Explosion and Tony & Melanie.


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Salsa Clubs in New York ~ NYC Salsa Venues, Restaurants, & Bars
UPDATED 4/20/2013
Amor Cubano 212.391.6881 2018 Third Ave., Manhattan T,W,TH,F,S,SN Cuban Restaurant Dancing,
Live Cuban Music
Bungalo Lounge (718) 204-7010 32-03 Broadway, Long Island City, Queens Wednesday Lounge, Bar, Bistro with Dancing DJ, Salsa Dancing every Wednesday
Columbus 72 212.769.1492 246 Columbus Ave., Manhattan F, S Nightclub Dancing
Copacabana 212.239-2672 268 West 47 St., Manhattan Tuesdays Nightclub Dancing
Cuba 212.420.7878 222 Thompson St., Manhattan F,S Cuban Restaurant NO Dancing
Draft Barn 718.768.0515 530 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn Thursdays Beer Hall Dancing
Favela Cubana 212.777.6500 543 LaGuardia Pl., Manhattan T, TH Nights
9:30pm - 1am
Brazilian/Cuban Restaurant Dancing,
DJ Medina
Guantanamera 212.262.5354 939 Eighth Ave., Manhattan T,W,Th,F,S,Sn Cuban Restaurant Dancing,
Live Cuban Music
Havana Central 212.398.7440 151 West 46th St., Manhattan W,TH,F,S,SN Cuban Restaurant Dancing,
Live Cuban Music
Havana Central 212.662.8830 2911 Broadway, Manhattan W,TH,F,S,SN Cuban Restaurant Dancing,
Live Cuban Music
Iguana 212.765.5454 240 West 54 St., Manhattan Th,S Nightclub Dancing
La Gloria 212.765.5454 86-11 Northern Blvd., Queens Thursday, Saturdays Restaurant Dancing
LQ 212.593.7575 511 Lexington Ave. Manhattan Wednesday Nightclub Dancing,
Live Salsa Music
Pane e Vino 718.501.1010 174 Smith Street, Brooklyn Friday & Saturdays Italian Restaurant Dancing,
Free Live Salsa Cuban Music
Session 73 212.517.4445 1359 First Ave., Manhattan Mondays Nightclub Dancing,
DJ Bubblehead
Son Cubano 212.366.1640 544 West 27 St., Manhattan T,W,Th,F Cuban Supper Club Dancing,
Live Cuban Music,
Taj II 212.620.3033 48 W 21st St., Mnahattan Mondays Nightclub Dancing
DJ Dancing

Photographs of Classic Salsa Night Clubs

China Club


Club Babalú & Restaurant


El Flamingo


La Belle Epoque

Starlite Caterers PHOTOS
Village Underground PHOTOS
Wild Palm PHOTOS

Zinc Bar


Select New York Salsa Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars

Here are the select Manhattan places to enjoy yourselves in New York City and to see Salsa Siglo 21. They come early and leave early, taking advantage of Free or reduced admission prices and other specials, because they all have work to do, take care of their children, or their Lovers and friends that don't dance as much as they do.

New York Area Dance Instructors
Freddie Rios (718) 457-4312P
Adelaida "Addie" Rodriguez - Salsa Diva (212) 505-0458 G, P, F
Legend: G = Group, P = Private Lesson, F= Free Class, S = School or Studio

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Salsa New York Style (written September 1999)
New York Style Salsa is "On-2" and could be called Eddie Torres Style because he preserved the dance through Hustle and Disco and has added many moves to New York Mambo. Almost everybody does Eddie Torres "shines" (step patterns) and many Eddie Torres turn combinations as well. Also, most of the instructors teaching in New York now have passed through Eddie at sometime in the past. In this dance style the Mambo basic is danced on the first three counts of the musical bar and held for the last count (last quarter note of the musical bar when the written music in 4/4 count). This step is the same dance step that Cuban Pete taught in a seminar he gave in New York in September of 1999 at Dick Shea's. This is different from another of the "Palladium Style" "On-2" Mambo basic steps in the fact that at the Palladium dancers most often held the first count of the musical bar and danced on the three last counts of the bar. Both Eddie Torres style and Palladium style are danced with an "on 2" break. This is to say that in the Mambo basic (forward and back) the body is changing direction on the second count of the musical bar. Most experienced dancers in New York do their own personalized version which mixes the two.

"On 2" dancing is often referred to dancing "on Clave". Though what this exactly means is hard to understand and almost impossible to explain. It is like trying to explain "feeling" in jazz. A lot of words can be exchanged but if you don't know you don't and that's that. Musician refer to playing on Clave. Many of the percussion parts of a Salsa song repeat every two bars. The way they fit into the Clave beat is not arbitrary. There are many terms used by the band leader or Clave player to maintain the rhythm of the music. These can be heard in live performances and are guides the musicians follow.

Cuban Pete, one of the greatest dancers of the Palladium era once explained it sort of like this: Dancing "on one" is dancing "to" the music. Dancing "on 2" is dancing "in" the music. Cuban Pete once told me in an interview that the first time he felt the Clave he jumped so high he almost went through the roof of the Palladium.

I understand it like this. Dancing "on one" is dancing to the melody of the music, while dancing "on 2" is dancing to the rhythm of the music. Although the melody of great Salsa songs follows the rhythm of the music, it's easier to hear the melody. The key to the rhythm in Salsa music (and dance) is the Clave. All the rhythm instruments revolve around the Clave. In Spanish "Clave" means "code" literally and is used to infer secret, vital, or key.

While talking to a Cuban singer and guido player in a Paris nightclub, I asked him on which beats (or counts) of the musical bar the Cuban's danced. He said the Cuban's danced on the "down beats". I told him that in New York Salsa is danced "on 2". He said that was called that dancing on "Clave negra' because it is on the "up beats" of the music. The upbeat is often silent in the melody of a Salsa song.

The first time I really got on-board of a Mambo with a truly electric dancer it reminded me of driving an Italian sports car; responsive, agile, with a sense of restrained power, and capable of tight maneuvers.

Once you "get into" dancing "On-2" it captures you. After you can hear the music this way it is not long until you can feel it as well and start to dance on this syncopated rhythmic pattern called "Clave".

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