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The Mambo King Tito Puente El Rey
Tito Puente

Simger Pete El Conde Rodriguez
Pete "El Conde"

Band Leader Jose Fajardo
José Fajardo

Cuban Singer Celia Cruz
Celia Cruz

Conga Player Ray Barreto
Ray Barretto

Cuban Singer and Dancer Chino Pons
Chino Pons

Puerto Rican Singer India

Dominican Singer Jose Alberto El Canario
José Alberto

Puerto Rican Trombone Player
Jimmy Bosch


Latin Jazz Piano Player Eddie Palmieri
Eddie Palmieri

Band Son de la Calle
Son de la Calle

Timbale Player Nicky Marreo
Nicky Marrero

Tres Player Nelson Gonzalez
Nelson González

Singer Cheo Feliciano
Cheo Feliciano

Puerto Rican Band Leader Roberto Roena
Roberto Roena

Puerto Rican Band Leader Johhny Pacheco
Johnny Pacheco

Merengue Singer Elvis Crespo
Elvis Crespo

Merengue Singer Millie Quezada
Millie Quezada

Singer Michael Stuart
Michael Stuart

Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa
Gilberto Santa Rosa

Puerto Rican Singer Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony

Cuban Orquestra Anacaona

Cuban Band Afro-Cuban All Stars
Afro-Cuban All Stars

Colombian Band Orquesta Canela
Orquesta Canela

Puerto Rican Singer Tito Nieves
Tito Nieves

Cuban Band Los Soneros de Oriente
Soneros de Oriente

Singer Charlie Cruz
Charlie Cruz

Band Los Amigos Invisibles
Los Amigos Invisibles

At justsalsa.com we see Salsa as a social gathering of People celebrating Music, Dance, and Culture. We consider Salsa music to be a group of Latin rhythmic styles that contains the clave beat. Popular in Salsa today are Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha , Rumba, Merengue, Guaracha, Timba, Songo, and others. If it respects the Clave it's Salsa!

Here you will find information on Salsa Music, and Dance, Clubs and Places that play Salsa, articles on Salsa History and Culture and Photographs from around the world, plus Art On-2, an Art Gallery (with two rooms) that shows the work of Mambo and Salsa enthusiasts.

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Palladium Mambo Legends
Mike Ramos and Freddie
Ríos dancing to the music
of "El Rey" Tito Puente.
Palladium Mambo
"Click" Image to play
Cha Cha Chá Video.

To see Salsa Video Clips
of Dancers and Musicians
doing-it to the salsa beat
check-out our Movie Page
Salsa Photographs ~ From The Zone

Salsa Dance Steps

Salsa is One - But there are many interpretations. In this section you can examine the Basic Salsa dance steps in diagram and concise written language. New York Salsa on "2" Eddie Torres-Style and Razz M' Tazz, as well as the JustSalsa on "2" basic dance step is detailed. Also you will find Cuban-style and Los Angeles-style on "1" Salsa dance steps in an easy to understand way.
For more information on Salsa Dance Steps Click Here

Salsa Recipes ~ Healthy and Nutritious

Salsa recipes are not only easy to make and delicious they are healthy and nutritious as well. Papaya, mango, jalapeño peppers, plus cilantro and basil are some of the ingredients in these unique salsa recipes. Have fun making these salsa recipes with your friends. Your going to Love Salsa more!
For more information on salsa recipes Click Here

New York Latin Club and Venue Listings

Latin Clubs is a new web page on justsalsa.com with venue information including, Name, Address, Telephone Number and Cross Streets of New York Clubs and Venues that hold Latin and Salsa Music, Dance, and Cultural Events. To check-it-out "Click Here"

Salsa History

Salsa History is a web page with links to the Salsa History articles on justsalsa.com, Since they were scattered around the site, we decided to make a page that links them from one easy place. This page shall be updated frequently. To check-it-out "Click Here"

21st Century Salsa ~ At NY's Choice Music-Dance Nights

The Dance team "Salsa Siglo 21" (a.k.a. 21st Century Salsa) is making the rounds in New York.
21st Century Salsa, a unique ensemble made-up of a both young and old dancers of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds, has been seen on the dance floors of New York's Salsa circuit. They dance Rueda de Casino (al estilo cubano), Los Angeles-style, Puerto Rican-style (both "jibarito" and "en Clave" styles), as well as New York's On-2 and Off-2 styles. They can dance to the pulse (accentuating the 1 & 3 beats that drive the melody and harmony in the music ) or to the syncopated rhythms in the music (the African component). They roll together, but once inside the club they mix it up with the crowd and dance with everybody. It is a pleasure to watch this eclectic group of people "do-it" to the Salsa beat. They don't show-off; they dance as if no one were watching - even though its hard to keep your eyes off of them when they are on the dance floor because of the sheer joy on their faces. Actually it would be hard to tell they are a group if it weren't for the subtle costumes, (insignia guayaberas or 21st Century Salsa tee shirts). They don't stop the other social dancers with any preordained flashy dance studio choreography or routines. They are just "in-to" Salsa for the fun of it; and it shows.

Salsa Dancing is like making Love
Salsa dancing is like making Love; If you are not on the Woman?s rhythm - Nobody is really having Fun. Salsa dance has many interpretations or "styles" and can be danced accentuating different beats in the music. If you dance accentuating the first beat the musical bar it is often called dancing on-1. The same goes if you dance accentuating the second beat; it is called dancing on-2. Often the best dancers dance to the "Clave" beat. The Clave is a five note rhythmic pattern of African origin, which is vital to Salsa music.

Places & City Guides

Barcelona Chicago Denver
Hawaii Italy Los Angeles
Montreal New Jersey New York
Paris Puerto Rico San Francisco
Toronto Washington DC Zurich
New York Salsa Events Calendar
Listings of Future Salsa-Mambo, and other Latin Events are listed in this section.
Fan Pages
In this section there are Fan Pages for the Salsa Artists, Bands, Dancers, and Dance Groups, some of which you can see in the border of this page. Check out your favorite Artist, Musician or Dancer or suggest one via e-mail.
Salsa Movies
See movies of Palladium Legends - Freddie Rios & Mike Ramos dancing at the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa. Other Movies can be found here Still more movies are coming soon! "Click" here to see a preview of dance groups including: Cultural Explosion and Seaon Stylist, Johnny & Olivia, and Tony & Melanie.
New York Salsa
From New York City, there are photographs of dancers, musicians, and employees at night clubs, outdoor events, and other venues that play Salsa music. Also there are Salsa Concerts, Event Listings, Salsa Clubs, Latin Clubs, Radio Stations, Record Stores, Dance Class, Dance Groups, and Dance Instructor listings with some, but minimal, editorial or review given.

New York & New Jersey Salsa Dance Instructors

Select New York Salsa Clubs

Here are the select Manhattan places to enjoy yourselves in New York City and to see Salsa Siglo 21. They come early and leave early, taking advantage of Free or reduced admission prices and other specials, because they all have work to do, take care of their children, or their Lovers and friends that don't dance as much as they do.

Wednesday Nights: Solas, 9th Street, Manhattan

Thursday Nights:
Kaña ~ Spring Street, Manhattan

Saturday Nights
Cuba ~ 222 Thompson Street Street ~ (212) 420-7878
Quite a groove gets going on Friday and Saturday nights at Cuba, a Greenwhich Village Cuban Restaurant. Many great Cuban Son bands play live Salsa with a real traditional cuban feel. Good food and fine spirits are served in the three dining rooms and the two bars. Unfortunatlly there is No dancing. Free Admission.

Sunday Nights
Verlaine ~ Rivington Street, ManhattanAdmission is FREE.
Salsa Congress (Congreso) and Conventions
The dates of 2013 International Salsa Congresses, conventions, and festivals are listed in this section. See the World ~ Dance Salsa!

"Click here" to see the photographs of the dance performances, musicians, social dancers, and guests in attendance of past events.
2013 Salsa Congresses, Congresos and Festivals  Copa NY Salsa Congress,
 Salsa Week Italy,
 British Congress,
 Paris Salsa Congress,
 Barcelona Salsa Festival,
 New York Salsa Congress,
 Zurich Salsa Congress,
 Detroit Salsa Congress,
 PR Salsa Congress,
 LA Salsa Congress.
Paris Salsa
From Paris France there are Salsa Clubs in Paris, photographs of the Congreso Mundial de la Salsa Paris and photos from the after-partys at the Rumba Cafe and at the Montecristo Cafe. And photographs taken at Night Clubs that play Salsa, of dancers, musicians, and employees, and some club information.
Salsa Concerts
Salsa Concerts

Salsa dance steps

New York Salsa Classes
NY Classes

Salsa-New York
New York

Salsa Paris

Salsa Barcelona

Sallsa Toronto

Congresses & Congresos
& Festivals

Salsa Diva
Addie Rodriquez
Salsa Diva

Canada Dance Group Mambo Dream Team
Mambo Dream Team

Salsa Instructor Winsome Lee

Salsa Piano player
Larry Harlow

Salsa Band
El Gran Combo de
Puerto Rico

Salsa Bandleader & Singer
Ruben Blades

Salsa Bandleader & Singer
Toño Rosario

Spanish Singer Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Mambo Legend Cuban Pete Pedro Aguilar
Cuban Pete

Palladium Mambo Legends
Palladium Legends

Palladium Mambo Legend Freddie Rios
Freddie Rios

Salsa Instructor Jimmy Anton
Jimmy Anton

New Jersey Salsa Dance Group Caribbean Soul
Caribbean Soul

Latino Singer Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Salsa Dance Group Karisma Dancers
Karisma Dancers

Spanish Singer Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesia

Salsa Dance Group Mambo Mamas
Mambo Mamas

Japan Salsa Singer Nora

Dominican Salsa Singer Sergio Vargas
Sergio Vargas

Latina Singer Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

Dance Groups
Dance Groups

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