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Dance-It-Up New York

Jai Catalano and Candy Mena
at Wild Palm on 11-6-99
All over New York, and even... in New Jersey... People are dancing-it-up, captivated by the infectious "clave" beat. The night clubs are filled with Mambo where free lessons are given early and wild dancing continues into the morning hours. Frequently given Social Dances, where Mambo students practice, advanced dancers shine, and dance performances are given by area instructors have become the norm. Mambo classes are filled nightly and quality instruction is available from various sources

At SOB's on Mondays, or Copacabana on Tuesdays, or Nell's, Gonzales y Gonzalez, Naked Lunch, or La Maganette on Wednesdays, or Bistro Latino, or La Belle Epoc on
Thursdays, or Wild Palm on Fridays, or No. Moore on Saturdays, or on Sundays wherever you go New York Style
Mambo is looking up.

"Click" on the small photographs below to take a tour of Mambo dancing in New York.
dip11 dip12 dip13 dip14
Quetcy Olmo & Nick
Nell's 11-11-99
Mambo D & Glenda Heffer
La Maganettem 11-7-99
Iris Cruz & Friend
Bistro Latino 11-4-99
Sandra & Friend
SOB's 10-18-99
dip15 dip16 dip17 dip18
Manny Siverio & Addie Diaz
Martinez Social 9-25-99
Candy & Steve Shaw
Wild Palm 11-6-99
Sandra & Jimmy Anton
Martinez Social 9-25-99
Frankie and Friend
Martinez Social 9-25-99
dip19 dip21 dip22 dip23
Iriz Cruz & Ron McGugins
Bistro Latino 11-4-99
Danny & Yesenia
Caribbean Soul Latin Dance Studio
Kenny & Sandra
SOB's 9-13-99
Evelyn Ramos' Students
Wild Palm 11-6-99
dip24 dip25 dip26 dip27
La Maganette 11-7-99 Albert Torres
SOB's 10-25-99
Grace & Dave
Martinez Social 10-30-99
Evelyn Ramos' Students
Wild Palm 11-6-99
dip29 dip30 dip31
Evelyn Ramos' Students
Wild Palm 11-6-99
Nell's 11-11-99 Albert Torres
SOB's 10-25-99
Candy Mena & Friend
Bistro Latino 11-6-99

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