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Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa

This page has links to photographs taken at the Congreso Mundial de la Salsa at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City on May 17, 1999, and, (as it is now known), the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa. Events held in San Juan Puerto Rico (July 1999), Denver Colorado (October 1999), New York (May 2000) and Los Angeles (May 2000) are covered. Follow the links by place and date to see many photographs and movies of the events listed.

Index of Photos of Dancers, VIP's, and Guests:

  • Schedule of Future Events
    justsalsa.com will be attending the some of the future Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa events so check back for photographs and MPEG movies which will be posted to this page. These events are a real mixing point for people, and dancers from all over the world. The crew from justsalsa.com has been covering these events for over a year. We have seen the Congreso event turn from being a forum of the best of Mambo and Salsa into a launching pad for new and up-comming talent. This may be due to the fact that the performers must pay to perform at the Congreso. Some dancers in established dance groups are opossed to this. The overall effect is that the best talent is filtered out of the Congreso.

    At the Congreso you will see many of the salsa dance styles represented, as well as meet people from all over the world - joined together by their common love for Salsa Music and Dance. Salsa/Mambo enthusiast and world class musicians and dancers celebrate thier salsa and play their music or demonstrate their best routines. (Or if you are Roberto Roena or DJ Henry Knowles you'll do both.

    The workshops, taught by professionals, "break-down" the different dance styles into understandable steps. Make new friends and enjoy yourself at the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa. We'll see you at the Congreso.

    The Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa is produced by All Star Entertainment, Inc. in conjunction with Bacardi, the makers of fine rums and spirits since 1862.

    The photographs are presented here for your enjoyment. Please contact the offices of justsalsa.com if you intend to use the photos and give proper photo credit. It is our intention to get the photos up as soon as possible. Wherever practical photos are "up-loaded" to this site daily and from various locations around the world.
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