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The Toronto Salsa Scene

The Salsa scene in Toronto is growing and evolving, as it is in many cities. There is a large Hispanic population and there are many promoters and business men dedicated to catering to the growing want of not only Hispanics but people of other ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well. There are more clubs dedicated to playing Salsa music for dancers than in New York City.
Toronto is also home to many top Salsa dance groups and teams and many good Salsa DJ's (Disk Jockeys). It is also the home of one of the best Salsa Congresses in North America, the Toronto Salsa Congress. Check Google or your favorite search engine for information and dates. A Salsa Congress, also known as a Salsa Congreso, is a great place to hook-up with other Salsaeros, and the Toronto Salsa Congress is no exception.
Below, on this page, you will find Salsa Clubs listings in Toronto as well as Salsa Photographs taken in Toronto. To report inaccuracies on thiis page or to have your favorite Toronto Salsa club listed please send us an E-mail to

To see photographs of Toronto Salsa dancers "Click Here"

Salsa Convention Mambo Dream Team

Salsa Clubs in Toronto
Babbaluu 136 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto ON (416) 515-0587
Bamboleo 1910 Yonge Street, Toronto ON (416) 483-2111
Cherry Room No Regularly Scheduled Salsa Events Photos
El Convento Rico 750 College Street, Toronto ON (416) 588-7800
Di Carlo 1655 Weston Road, Toronto ON (416) 247-1811
El Sitio 1238 St. Clair Avenue, Toronto ON (416) 652-6463
Fregata Restaurant 1900 Dundas Street East, Toronto ON (905) 270-6265
Latin Fever 2220 Highway 7, Toronto ON (905) 761-5651
Left Bank 567 Queen Street West, Toronto ON (416) 504-1626
Mana 722 College Street West, Toronto ON (416) 633-8705
Park Avenue 2800 Highway 7, Toronto ON (905) 738-1727
Plaza Flamingo 423 College Street, Toronto ON (416) 603-8834
El Rancho 430 College Street, Toronto ON (416) 921-2752
Society 137 Peter Street, Toronto ON (416) 593-1550
Palazzo 99 Pellar Road, Toronto ON (905) 738-0000

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