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Eddie Torres

Instructor: Eddie Torres
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Eddie Torres Latin Dance Studio
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Description of Eddie's Class (dated August 1999)

Eddie's classes are always "all-out". Eddie calls out a seemingly endless number of shines over a microphone. The tightly packed room is full of mostly serious dancers. There is one short water break about an hour into the class. After the break Eddie asks his students for shines to break down. He breaks down 2 or 3 shines and then does partner work on the days scheduled. The class has been known to go longer than scheduled. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and there is a lot of patience displayed amongst the more advanced students.

Eventually all Latin dance in New York leads you to Eddie Torres. He is just now getting the recognition for the valuable contribution he has made to preserving and promoting Latin culture through dance. The myth is that he kept dancing Latin straight through the disco and hustle eras. The reality is that he is the head of New York's premier Latin dance school and that he broke down, numbered the steps for, and invented both the names and the moves of many of the standard shines. In the intermediate class that I attended, after breaking down a complex shine combination, Eddie called over the microphone for three men, and then three women, who felt they "had" the move "down" to demonstrate it up front. As they executed the routine with surgical precision Eddie watched attentively. Then Eddie said into the microphone in a low street drawl "certified". If you think you can cut the mustard go to Eddie to get certified. If you need some remedial work or are just a beginner go to Maria Torres She is a wonderful instructor as well as being Eddies wife and Nadia mother. She will be your salsa mom as well; if you need it.

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