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Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa
New York - May 5, 2000

These photographs and MPG movies were taken at the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa held at the Hammerstien Ballroom of Manhattan Center on May 5, 2000 in New York City. There are links to more photographs of each dance group, both of the bands, social dancers, behind-the-sceens action, and people in attendance.

A total of fourteen dance groups from as far as Puerto Rico, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York performed. The music was provided by Jose Alberto "El Canario" and Willie Rosario. The Master of Cerimonies was Luis Delgado, partner in the Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa, and the disc jockey was Henry Knowles with a special guest appearance by DJ Pepe of Italy.

There were some problems with the sound, and the event had a low attendance. The dance floor was non-existant and some of the dancers (possibly knowing that the Manhattan Center floor is made of cement and is rough and painted) attended in street shoes - prepared not to dance. Only a few of New York's best Mambo and Salsa dancers in attendance (other than the performers). This may have been due to the $45 admission fee ($35 in advance) and that people are saving to go to the Los Angeles or Puerto Rican congresos.

The dancers danced on a slightly sticky rubber floor covering on the stage to the amazement of all in attendance. I am sure all that was learned this year will be applied to next years New York - Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa so New York, arguably the salsa capital of the world, can have a Salsa Congress that show cases the very best in Salsa music and dance..

Photographs by J. Fernando Lamadrid. Your feedback is welcome.

"Click" on thumbnail photographs below to see more photos!
Papo Tambor - Puerto Rico
DJ Henry Knowles
Silvio & Sandra - Argentina
Palladium Legends - NY/PR
Johnny & Olivia - Los Angeles
Young Ambition - New York
Descarga Latina - New York
Salsa Brava - Los Angeles
Jose Alberto "El Canario"
People - Having Fun
Social Dancing
Jayson & Brenda - New York
Addietude Dancers - New York
Mambo Mamas - New York
San Tropez - Canada
Sergio & Sonia - Italy
Fuerza Latina - New Jersey
Eddie Torres - New York
Green Room - Behind The Sceens
Willie Rosario & His Orquestra
First Set of Dance Performances
Papo Tambor - Puerto Rico
Silvio & Sandra - Argentina
Palladium Legends - Puerto Rico/NY
Johnny & Olivia - Los Angeles (See Movie)
Young Ambition - New York
Descarga Latina - New York (See Movie)
Salsa Brava - Los Angeles (See Movie)

First Set of Music

Jose Alberto "El Canario" & His Orquestra
Second Set of Dance Performances
Jayson & Brenda - New York
Addie-Tude Dancers - New York
Mambo Mamas - New York
San Tropez - Canada
Sergio & Sonia - Italy
Fuerza latina - New Jersey
Eddie Torres Dancers - New York

Second Set of Music

Willie Rosario & His Orquestra
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