Claudine Curry

Mambo with Caudine

Claudine's teaching method can get almost anybody dancing fluently in a short time. She is breaks down the Mambo basic step as well as the more complex moves and makes them understandable and easy to remember for both beginners and more advanced dancers alike.

In her beginners mambo class she first breaks down the mambo basic mambo step without music for a short while. Then she works on the basic step with music for part of the class until she moves on and teaches partner work. She gives woman's and men's styling tips from the beginning so you don't have to learn what not to do later on.

Her intermediate class is fun and well paced. She has the ability to break down a complex turn into a series of interconnected parts that flow into each other. These parts can be used as a whole turn combination or as individual parts to create endless combinations. Claudine also teaches a mambo styling class. The class concentrates on the accents and interjections that make a person look good while dancing.

Claudine is one of the best dance instructors in New York. She is a scientist when it comes to dance instruction and she can change your dancing for the better in as little as one class. Students leave her classes with enough information that they can practice what they have learned at home. She teaches both the woman's and man's partner work and turns equally well and gives styling tips for both. Anyone can benefit from her instruction.

For more information and class schedule:
Call: 732 878-0411

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